12 octombrie 2023 la 10:00 - 13:00

Nu ratați ocazia exclusivă de a-l întâlni și descoperi pe Vlad Petri, un regizor de film din Bistrița care este deschis să împărtășească în cadrul #masterclass-ului nostru călătoria sa artistică prin care și-a împlinit pasiunea pentru exprimarea vizuală în film și fotografie cu trimiteri sociale și politice.
Prezența regizorului la ecranizarea ultimului său film „Între Revoluții” din cadrul festivalului, vă oferă încă o oportunitate prin care puteți alfa mai multe despre munca sa.

Filmmaking Workshop Ever have the burning desire to make a film but didn’t know where to start?, there’s no better time to learn how to do familiarize yourself with this industry than now with us at FYIFF! This filmmaking workshop is designed to introduce you to the basics of scriptwriting and how to tell a story filmmaking through a combination of interactive discussions, reflections and hands-on life incidents. We will also be exploring the basic elemental language of cinema to see how to tell your story visually. You don’t need a camera; your smart phone is enough for this workshop!

Workshops goals: • To understand the basic building blocks of the cinematic language and WHY, WHEN, and HOW they are used. • To explore various quick technical and creative positions (director, writer, camera man/woman) with your group to come out of the workshop with a short film that you will share at the end of the workshop for feedback. • To become acquainted with the powerful technology at your disposal: the smart phone (equipped with the application FiLMiC Pro) and the basic editing software on any Apple device – iMovie. • To Develop a deeper understanding and fondness for films and how they are crafted, hopefully developing a long-lasting desire to create your own journey!

Workshop Requirements • Passion for films and storytelling! • Participate! Contribute to the workshop interactive discussion, get active and engaged in group work. Film is a collaborative medium, we have to help one another

Workshop duration and structure • the filmmaking workshop is 6 hours divided on two days Thursday October 12th and Friday October 13th from 10-1:00 pm and a break. Then from 2-4pm both thusday and Friday • The Short film feedback Sunday October15th 1:00 3:00 pm • Good luck